YERPALL Intensive Strawberry Serum (សេរ៉ូម)​​ - 15ml

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  • Yerpall Strawberry Serum Concentrated 15ml. 
  • Reducing Tighten Pores Reduce Acne
  • Help with reducing marks Tighten pores, reduce acne
  • Strawberry Serum The meat is a very rich brown!
  • Help in the issue of "reduce acne scars" who are dry, cracked, peeling.
  • This one is moisturizing and stimulating the pores.
  • 100% organic
How to use:
  • In the morning, apply a thin layer Because the serum is very concentrated
  • In the evening, apply normally over 4-5 drops of the face on the acne area [can spot acne marks]
  • Can be used from the age of 10 years.
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