VITAXTRONG 100% Pure Glutamine 6000 (ម្សៅប្រូតេអ៊ីន) - 500g

  • Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the skeletal muscle, after a tough workout, pure glutamine 6000 helps your muscles recover quickly and efficiently
  • Accelerates muscle recovery and repairs wear and tear
  • Prevent muscle damage
  • Fatigue

Vitaxtrong 100% Glutamine 6000 500g

Accelerates muscle recovery and repairs wear and tear
Our muscles are made up of more than 60% glutamine, so during training where we break down muscles, glutamine helps to repair the worn out parts. and increase protein synthesis in the body

Prevent muscle damage
Glutamine is an amino acid that belongs to the group we call glutamine. "Conditionally Essential Amino Acids". This group is a special group of amino acids that are sometimes needed by the word "sometimes" here if the body is exposed to stress such as lifting weights. By the way, Glutamine prevents muscle damage through a process known as “Gluconeogenesis” is a process of preventing muscle damage that converts Glutamine into Glucose-like structures and is used by the body…. This means less muscle, more fat, less

Glutamine reduces fatigue by bringing more nutrients into cells and faster, or simply increasing the absorption of other nutrients. This reduces the amount of pain after playing what we call DOMS and shortens the amount of time you need to recover between sets.

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