SIVANNA Colors Hello Perfect Eyeshadow & Contour (ឈុតម្សៅផាត់)​​ - 01

Special Price $4.99 was $7.00
  • The top has 12 eyeshadow colors, pink, orange, brown and gold tones.
  • There are many meats to choose from. many textures with matt texture Mixed with wink and shimmer and super wink cream
  • The bottom has a blush or cheeks, another 2 colors, very nice.
  • There are highlights to add glow to the face.
  • Along with 1 more shade, to sharpen the wings of the nose and to sharpen the jawline, very worthwhile.
  • The texture of the eyeshadow is good quality, the color is dense. Swipe up, the color is tight, clear, very beautiful.
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