SANOSAN Baby Panthenol Ointment Diaper Rash (ឡេកាពារកន្ទួលរមាស់) - 75ml

  • Keeps skin's natural softness and moisture and soothes and restores skin irritation (rashes) on baby's skin in the diaper area
  • Panthenol to maintain moisture and regenerate cells
  • Zinc Oxide can prevent inflammation and keep skin moist, to overcome prickly heat
  • Milk Protein which provides natural moisture for skin and hair, beneficial for dry and sensitive skin as well as forming a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture naturally
  • Organic Olive Oil serves to smooth and soften the skin
  • Tocophenol functions to increase skin moisture and regenerate cells and reduce damage from UV tocopherol rays can soften the skin
  • Suitable for everyday use
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