ROM&ND Mood Pebble Nail (ថ្នាំលាបក្រចក) - 14 Zesty Red

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  • They've got the translucence of the clear stone pebbles that shine as the light hits.
  • Layer it the way you like it, lightly or more pigmented - because the clarity will still remain!
  • The gloss will last even without a top coat layer to follow.
  • Dried within three-minutes, makes the at-home nail salon session a lot swifter and easier.


  1. Shake the bottle before use.
  2. Using the brush, apply a thin layer of nail polish on the nails. Leave to dry for 3mins.
  3. Layer the product on the dried nails until you get your preferred pigmentation.
  4. Optionally, apply a layer of top coat nail polish.
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