RIEN Underarm Care White Secret Collection Set (ឈុតក្លៀកស) - 3pcs

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  • Ri En Underarm Care White Secret Collection Set make your underarms to be radiant within 7 days
  • With a combination of natural extracts, both scrub jojo Ba Japanese Persimmon Extract Liquorice extract, vitamins A, C, E and many more have been gathered in just 3 simple step
  • Even though the armpit is counted as a small point but it's a great point of confidence.
  • Just complete the the stpe your armpits will be bright and clear.
  • No matter what angle you raise your arm it's the most confident in every degree.

How to use:

  1. Exfoliating old skin by using scrub.
  2. Firming new skin with essence
  3. Brightening skin with concentrated cream 
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