PANTENE Hair Mask Biotin Strand Weekly (ម៉ាសអប់សក់) - 170ml

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  • Give your hair its much needed pampering every week with a mask that nourishes hair in five minutes, leaving strands soft and shiny
  • Use Pantene Miracle Mask with Biotin
  • It reconstructs hair, transforming dry, parched, brittle hair to nourished, quenched, silky soft and visibly shiny.
  • The Biotin Mask is blended with Pro-V formula that's tested by the Swiss Vitamin Institute.
  • This unique blend is purposefully created to nourish hair inside and out to make it strong and beautiful that's long-lasting

How to use

  • After shampooing, comb mask through hair with fingers for five minutes, and rinse
  • Get the weekly nourishing boost for your hair
  • Use Pantene Biotin Mask for strong and healthy hair like what you get from a salon treatment
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