O'NAOMI Pearl & Milk Whitening Ultra-Hydrating Shower Cream (សាប៊ូដុសខ្លួនដែលជួយអោយស្បែកសមានជាតិទឹកនិងសំណើម) - 600ml

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  • ផ្តល់សំណើមដល់ស្បែករបស់អ្នកដល់ស្រទាប់ខាងក្នុង ធ្វើឱ្យស្បែករបស់អ្នកមើលទៅក្មេង ទន់ភ្លឺថ្លា
  • ធាតុផ្សំមាន តែបៃតង ទឹកឃ្មុំ
  • This product is enriched with abundant milk and pearl powder which can hydrate, whiten and brighten your skin as well
  • After Bathing, the exotic pleasant aroma and the feeling of brightening will be shown out from your body all day long making you with great confidence!
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