NEED Pure Whey Waffle & Vanilla Ice Cream (ម្ស៉ៅប្រូតេអុីន) - 2.2lbs

  • PURE WHEY is made with the best quality raw material in its highest concentration without additives and the best taste you can imagine.
  • PURE WHEY by NEED® is made with Volactive® UltraWhey 80 instant.
  • Possibly one of the best whey concentrates on the market, elaborated by the prestigious multinational VOLAC® and with a double sweetening of Stevia and sucralose
  • Volactive® UltraWhey 80 instant, is the protein chosen by the major international brands of sports supplements in the elaboration of its products. 
  • PURE WHEY by NEED® contains digestive enzymes BioCore AminoMate®.
  • In NEED® we bet for the purity and for the maximum quality in the products elaborated with the best raw materials and patents of the market which guarantee the results with clinical studies.
  • The traditional formulations contain mostly products such as Xanthan gumfilling amino acidsmaltodextrinGuar gumacesulfame.

How to use:

  • Mix 50 g in water or skimmed milk (200-250 ml).
  • Take 1-2 services a day, preferably 1 shake at breakfast and 1 shake after training.
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