NEED Pure Mass Gainer Waffle & Vanilla Ice Cream - 10lbs

  • PURE MASS GAINER from NEED®, is the definite combination of nutrients aimed at muscle mass gain
  • Its last generation exclusive formula offers everything you need to fulfill the energetic needs any athlete may have

The exclusive PURE MASS GAINER™ formula combines 6 main groups of ingredients:

Vitamin & Mineral Pack:
An advanced vitamin and mineral complex to contribute with all the vitamins and minerals needed for a proper functioning of the organism. It helps metabolizing carbohydrates. The proteins reduce muscle fatigue, keep a balanced muscle activity and ensure any lack of deficiency during workouts.

Protein mix formual: 
PURE MASS GAINER™ from NEED®, has a special balanced protein formula based on whey and Clambia Nutritionals®’s micelar casein SOLMIKO. An ideal mix for a fast and long-lasting recovery.

Quality carb, creatine menohidrate & aminoacids: 
It’s an advanced carbohydrate, high quality creatine monohydrate and essential aminoacids formula. Made of the best raw materials on the market and created to stand the most intense workouts. PURE MASS GAINER™ will help you recover and build muscle fibres enabling even more muscle gain.

The ultimate mass gainer has a name, and it’s PURE MASS GAINER™.


  • Muscle mass gain.
  • Increase in endurance performance.
  • More strength. More energy,

Directions: Mix 7 scoops of product (334g) in 480ml of water, skimmed milk or your favorite drink. Shake for 20-30 seconds or until it is completely dissolved.

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