MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite - 100 Capsules (50 Servings)

  • An unrivaled thermogenic weight-loss and energy experience!
  • 270mg caffeine per serving
  • Fully disclosed formula
  • 56.3mg Yohimbe per serving
  • 200mg C. Canephora robusta extract (robusta coffee)

Directions: To assess your tolerance, for the first day, take 1 capsule once daily. On days 2 and 3, take 2 capsules once daily. On day 4 and beyond, take 2 capsules twice daily, 30 to 60 minutes before your two largest meals (e.g., breakfast and lunch). Do not snack between meals. For best results, use for 60 days combined with diet and training. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not use for more than 8 weeks. Drink 10 glasses of water daily for general good health. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided

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