MOKERU Ginger Essence Black Shampoo (សាប៊ូកក់ប្តូរពណ៍ខ្មៅសម្រាប់សក់ស្កូវ) - Back For Gray Hair

  • អ្នកឯកទេសលុបបំបាត់ស្កូវ​ និងប្ដូរពណ៌សក់
  • បង្កើតឡើង​ពីប្រទេសហុងកុង
Natural and mild ginger extract will strengthen the hair fibers from inside to out and deeply nourish your scalp with effective hair repair effect, leaving your hair shiny, soft and smooth without any side effect, anti-allergic and non-irritating to avoid causing any stimulation or damage to your hair. Perfect for a change to black for white and gray hair. 
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