MISTINE The Modern By Professional Serum (សេរ៉ូមសក់) - 20ML

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  • The Modern by Professional Serum combines nourishment from oils and natural extracts.
  • For conditioning dry, frizzy, split ends, frizzy and rough hair to be soft and smooth.
  • Easy to style comb, effective with nourishing value from macadamia nut oil, absorbed into the hair from the outer hair to the inside.
  • Healthy hair lock Not lost over time and pollution, with nutrients from red algae and 2 species of icy algae, which are rich in minerals.
  • Necessary for hair together with keratin protein that directly nourishes the hair structure
  • Helps nourish hair and scalp Helps hair look stronger from root to tip.
  • No breakage after use Provides long-lasting softness Until the next wash mistine the modern by professional Serum solves problems 5 damaged hair: Dry hair, split ends, Hair pointed, no weight, Premature gray hair, Hair is torn and easy to fall off and hair has a bad smell.
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