MISTINE Natural Fuk Kao Shower Cream (សាប៊ូដុសខ្លួន) - 500ml

  • សាប៊ូដុសខ្លួន ហ្វាក់កាវ
  • A deep cleansing shower cream that helps the skin look radiant, smoother than ever
  • Gac shower cream for clear, smooth skin to the limit
  • Increases the radiance power by deep cleaning
  • Helps the skin look radiant, smoother than ever
  • Rich in concentrated value of “100% Gac Gac” in the form of Liposome Encapsulation technology
  • Increase efficiency, deliver nutrients to the skin even better
  • Helps reveal the skin to be more radiant
  • Combining the value of skin care from soluble collagen, vitamin C and E derivatives for a smoother-looking finish and your skin looks youthful to the touch
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