MISE EN SCENE Styling Shampoo + Conditioner + Mask + Serum (ឈុតថែរក្សាសក់) - 4pcs

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  • 7 kinds of plant-derived oil with Golden Moroccan argan oil at golden ratio for optimal results for damaged hair
  • Style polymer technology that makes voluminous, elastic styling easier after shampooing hair
  • Fast dry after shampoo, curl retention is higher when using a hot air device
  • Suitable for longer retention on styling effect and fast dry after shampoo
  • Hair Mask: Finished in 3 minutes, but deals with 7 signs of damaged hair Split end, Lack of moisture, Weakness, Tangles, Coarse hair, Lackluster hair, Low elasticity
  • The long-lasting effect of preventing the hair from tangling
  • Hair Serum: Damage care and sumptuous styling all at once
  • Long lasting style, clinical test-proven for instant Damage care, Protection effect from daily heat penetration

This set Includes:

  • Mise En Scene Perfect Styling Conditioner 530mL
  • Mise En Scene Perfect Styling Shampoo 530mL
  • Mise En Scene Perfect 3min Salon Pack 300mL
  • Mise En Scene Perfect Styling Serum 80mL
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