MISE EN SCENE Perfect Shampoo + Conditioner + Serum (ឈុតសាប៊ូ ក្រែមបន្ទន់នឹងសេរ៉ូម) - 3pcs

Special Price $20.90 was $30.00
  • A hair-nourishing shampoo and conditioner with Mise en scène Damage Care Perfect Serum that makes hair film yet soft with 7X Perfect Oil and micro protein
  • 6 Damage Improvement: hair dryness, rough hair texture, tangled hair, hair sleekness, hair elasticity, hair intensity, cracked hair
  • Targeting damage care technology
  • For All hair type

This set Includes:

  • Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Conditioner 530mL
  • Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo 530 mL
  • Mise En Scene Perfect Serum 80mL
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