MIJIA Smart Camera Outdoor (Battery Version)



1. Environmentally friendly and durable material, IP65 dustproof and waterproof effect is more outstanding
2. The configuration process is simple, no wiring is required, and installation is easier
3. Supporting gateway to make the singal more stable
4. Four times of charging, for a whole year
5. AI humaniod detection, reducing false positives and worrying
6. PIR human body infrared sensor trigger alarm
7. Mobile phone viewing live pictures, voice communication is more convenient
8. 1080P high-definition picture quality,F2.6 large aperture into the amount of light, each frame is as ture and clear as the eyes see; built-in 8 infraed night vision lights, black can also shoot clearly, 24 hours to give you peace of mind
9. Two storage methods, video playback

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