MAM Mini Cooler Teether with Clip - Green

  • Use for massaging and cooling baby’s sore gums to provide relief from the pains of teething
  • Has a unique shape that perfectly reaches the back teeth as they come through with special cooled element that enables even very young babies to reach their molars
  • Lightweight curved ring makes it particularly easy for small babies to grab and hold 
  • The innovative clip firmly attaches the teething ring to baby's clothing and ensures that the teether cannot get lost, keeping it always at hands
  • 2+ months
The MAM Mini Cooler Teether features a variety of shapes and textures to effectively relieve baby teething symptoms and foster baby’s sensory skills. Made with 100% purified water and baby safe materials, you never have to worry about your baby ingesting BPA or any other harmful chemicals while using this teether. The design is uniquely shaped in order to provide teething relief for baby’s back teeth and in those hard-to-reach places. MAM Mini Cooler teethers are extra lightweight, durable, and safe teething toy that effectively soothe baby’s toothaches and massage sensitive and aching gums. The strap and clip, which are similar in design to MAM soother clips for easy adjustment or replacement of the teether. 

Tip: Simply place the Mini Cooler Teether in the refrigerator for one hour to achieve an optimum cooling effect and provide baby with a great sense of relief and comfort from oral pain caused by baby teething.
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