LEBELAGE Relaxing Fruits Body Cleanser (សាប៊ូដុសខ្លួន) - 300ml

  • មានប្រូតេអ៊ីនដែលផ្សំចេញពីផ្លែឈើជួយឲ្យស្បែក ទន់ភ្លឺ​​
  • ជួយសំអាតរាល់ធូលីនៅក្នុងរន្ធញើសបានល្អជាពិសេសមានខ្លឹនក្រអូប
  • របៀបប្រើប្រាស់ៈ
  • លាងសំអាតខ្លួនជាមួយទឹកឲ្យស្អាតជាមុនសិន ចាក់បរិមាណសមល្មមដាក់លើស្បៃញីឲ្យពពុះ រួចដុសពេញលើដងខ្លួនហើយលាងសំអាតឲ្យបានស្អាត
  • All the power and usefulness of fruit for you​ ​in the Relaxing Fruits Body Cleanser from Lebelage.
  • This gel is a real pleasure, collected for you in one bottle.
  • Extracts of fruit oils and nectars nourish the skin with vitamins, improve the process of cell renewal, which means the body will tighten and become more resilience and elastic.
  • The soft foam, into which the gel turns, will delicately cleanse the skin, fill it with energy and give it a feeling of freshness.
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