LEBELAGE Keratin Shampoo (សាប៊ូកក់សក់) - 300ml

  • ជួយធ្វើឲ្យសក់ទន់ រលោង​មានសំណើម ភ្លឺចែងចាំង 
  • ជាពិសេសប្រើហើយត្រជាក់ស្បែកក្បាល​ជួយចិញ្ចឹម បំប៉នសក់ឲ្យដុះល្អ
  • របៀបប្រើប្រាស់ៈ ជាដំបូងលាងសក់ និងស្បែកក្បាលជាមួយទឹកក្តៅអ៊ុនៗសិន រួចចាក់បរិមាណសមល្មមដាក់ដៃញីឲ្យបែកពពុះកក់លើសក់ឲ្យសព្ធលាងសម្អាតសក់ឲ្យបានស្អាត
  • The product based on a natural formula has excellent cleansing and nourishing properties and gives the strands a natural shine and smoothness. 
  • The active substance in the shampoo is keratin, a​component of natural origin that has a regenerating effect on the cuticle of dry and damaged hair. 
  • The scalp and curls after applying Lebelage Keratin Shampoo receive optimal hydration and strengthen their protective functions.
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