KLORANE Color Enhancing Conditioner with Pomegranate - 150ml

  • Preserve your hair color for longer with the Klorane Color Enhancing Conditioner with Pomegranate
  • Made with natural pomegranate extract, which locks in color pigment onto the hair follicle and acts as a natural antioxidant shield, protecting your hair against external aggressors
  • Provides intense hair fiber repair while detangling and leaving hair soft and radiant
  • Vegan, free of pparaben, silicones, and sulfates
  • ប៊ូមបន្ទន់សក់សំរាក់សក់ពណ៍ ការពារកុំអោយខូចសរសៃសក់ និង ធ្វើអោយសក់កាន់ពណ៏បានយូរ
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