JASS Saturday Night (ទឹកអប់) - Black, 30ml

  • For the person in you: 30ml of Jass offers eau de parfum for everyday use for men and women, making you hot, love yourself and aim high with the fragrance. It makes you believe that life is full of surprises with meeting new people.
  • Gear up for the night: Jass perfume spray can be applied on all seasons after bath on clothes which stays long time giving a positive and dreamy heavenly feel on the go.
  • Hypnotic: It radiates an element of madness, boldness and the mind set to meet new people in your journey of life.
  • Fragrance: It has the top notes of cardamom and citrus, and at the heart rose and lily of the valley, Cedarwood and amber at bottom making you feel more to do anything in life you like.
  • Aura: Jass saturday night has a subtle touch of sensuality, confidence which makes you live a life reckless, silly, do anything from your heart as life is a fairy-tale and a journey.
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