HEGEN PCTO™ 240ml/8oz Breast Milk Storage PPSU 2Pcs, Medium Flow Teat 2Pcs & Collar and Transparent Cover Pink Set

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  • ហេហ្គេន ឈុតដបរក្សាទុកទឹកដោះ PPSU 240ml/8oz x2
  • ហេហ្គេន កដបនិងគម្របថ្លា x1
  • ហេហ្គេន ក្បាលប្តូររាងទេរដូចសុដន់ម្តាយ 3ខែ+ x2
Hegen PCTO™ 240ml/8oz Breast Milk Storage PPSU X2
  • A world class product from Singapore
  • Easy to toggle, clean, pump - keep - keep feeding in a single bottle for every drop counts
  • The Sqround bottle with Premium PPSU from USA
  • The lid is easy to connect
  • Hegen 240ml/8oz x2
Hegen Teat Medium Flow x2
  • A world class product from Singapore
  • The silicone swivel head is soft and wavy, best shaped and shaped like a mother’s breast
  • Easy for baby to suckle more, not tired or bloated
  • Three-month replacement head shall be replaced once
  • Extra slow milk release suitable for newborns 3month+
Hegen PCTO™ Collar And Transparent Cover-Pink x 1
  • A world class product from Singapore
  • Press to close, twist to open
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