GLORIOUS Panda Switch (Keyboardកុំព្យូទ័រ)

  • Exact switching point; Panda switches for mechanical keyboard have a very precise and clearly noticeable switching point; this makes both typing and playing on a keyboard equipped with these switches.
  • High compatibility: Glorious PC Gaming Race Panda Switches are three-pole switches, just like Cherry MX and Kalih switches, so the vast majority of sockets is compatible with them.
  • Compatible key caps: thanks to the use of a popular mounting profile such as that of the Cherry MX, this allows seamless adjustment of the keycaps to your mechanical keyboard.
  • High-quality materials: Glorious has chosen high-quality materials; the top cover of INVYR is made of polycarbonate, the lower cover is made of PA66 nylon, the shaft is made of POM and the spring is made of nickel-plated stainless steel.
  • Note: Lubed Glorious Panda switches come with G-Lube expertly pre-applied to the upper housing, spring, and stem of each switch. Perfect for someone who is looking for fully optimized sound and performance right out of the box - no prep time or disassembly needed.
  • Mouse: 1-2 Year Litmited Hardware Warranty (Sensor) & 2 Weeks Fully Warranty.
  • Keyboard: 1-2 Year Limited Hardware Warranty (Infect Board) & 2 Weeks Fully Warranty.
  • Headphone: 1-2 Year Limited Hardware Warranty (Sound No Balanced) & 2 Weeks Fully Warranty.
  • Microphone: 1-2 Year Limited Hardware Warranty (Lost Sound Pickup) & 2 Weeks Fully Warranty.
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