FOREVER Mini 2 Miracle Facial Cleanser​ (ម៉ាស៊ីនសម្អាតមុខ) - Light Pink

Special Price $4.99 was $8.33
  • FOREVER Mini 2 is a facial cleanser, the highlight of this machine is that it deeply cleanses the face. 
  • make skin look glow Smooth, detailed, clear .
  • With T-Sonic vibration system 8,000 times / min . You can adjust the speed up to 8 levels (by pressing the + and – buttons on the device) . 
  • This device, the brand claims that can clean the face Whether it's dirt, oiliness, residual makeup and dead cells up to 99.5%, a lot!!
  • Which, when actually used, can understand that the skin is really clean .
  • Specially designed silicone material Does not cause bacteria to accumulate and is 35 times cleaner than using a general cleaning brush.
  • Do not be afraid of germs at all. It will vibrate, giving strength that does not hurt the face.
  • Suitable for all skin types With a special type of silicone, soft, does not irritate the skin
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