FARM STAY Black Snail Premium Rolling Eye Serum (សេរ៉ូមលាបក្រោមភ្នែក) - 25ml

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  • Wrinkle improvement / Anti-aging / Elasticity Improvement / Skin Elasticity
  • Eye intensive care when concentration is required
  • Creasing Rolling Eye Serum
  • Farmstay Black Snail Premium Rolling Eye Serum is a double functional eye serum with whitening / wrinkle improvement.
  • It is a highly concentrated eye serum that gently rolls and nourishes sensitive eyes.
  • Three rollers gently massage the area around the eyes and mouth without irritation to help blood circulation and cleanse the skin around the eyes.

How to use

  • Press down on the contents until an appropriate amount comes out.
  • Massage gently with a triple ball applicator where care is needed.
  • After the massage, tap the remaining serum with your finger to absorb it.


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