ELLIPS Hair Vitamin Box - Smooth & Shiny

  • សម្រាប់សរសៃសក់ស្ងួតខ្លាំង ផ្សំពីវិតាមីន A,C,E និងប្រេងប្រទាលកន្ទួយក្រពើ, ជួយផ្តល់សំណើមនិងជាតិទឹកដល់សរសៃសក់, លាបភ្លាមសរសៃសក់ភ្លឺរលោងភ្លាមៗមិនជំពាក់
  • Formulated to help fight frizz in fine hair, the treatment includes aloe vera to keep hair moisturised and protected from the sun. In addition, the inclusion of Pro-Vitamin B5, along with Vitamins A and E, guarantees that hair remains nourished from within whilst moroccan oil helps combat frizz and strengthen hair.
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