ELLIPS Hair Vitamin Box - Shiny Black

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  • សម្រាប់សរសៃខ្មៅភ្លឺរលោង ផ្សំពីប្រេងសណ្តែកនិងប្រទាលកន្ទួយក្រពើ ផ្តល់ឲ្យសរសៃសក់ភ្លឺរលោងខ្មៅរលើប,លាបភ្លាមផ្តល់អោយសរសៃសក់ភ្លឺរលើបភ្លាមៗងាយសិតមិនជំពាក់
  • Specifically targeted to address the needs of very thick or dark hair, shine is greatly enhanced and hair is made soft and manageable through the combined use of candlenut oil and aloe vera, this includes a natural form of sun protection for the hair
Fulfilled By Mayura No
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