BRAIN COSMOS Japan Bihaku No Bijin Whitening Pack - 100g

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  • Whitening peeling gel treatment for face
  • Medical whitening peeling gel removes dead epidermis cells
  • Deeply cleanses the skin
  • Inhibits the production of melanin
  • Prevents age spots and freckles, evens out skin tone
  • Helps to narrow pores
  • Gives the skin a fresh, rested appearance

Medical whitening peeling gel removes dead epidermis cells, deeply cleanses the skin, inhibits the production of melanin, prevents age spots and freckles, evens out skin tone, helps to narrow pores, gives the skin a fresh, rested appearance.

Contains 2 of the active ingredient is:

  • Allantoin has anti-oxidant and exfoliating action, thanks to which there is a rapid regeneration of the skin. For sunburn or frostbite allantoin is an indispensable tool to help calm and restore the skin.
  • Placenta extract, which allows to achieve great results with whitening and anti-aging therapy, has a strong moisturizing effect, stimulates metabolic processes in cells.


  • Apply with massage movements (2-3 minutes) to dry (ALWAYS dry) face after make-up remover and cleansing (foam cleanser).
  • Formed on the skin of the pellets, rinse with water. Then apply facial lotion.

Composition: Allantoin, Placenta Extract, Purified water, concentrated glycerin, carboxyvinyl polymer, natural vitamin E, yeast extract, chrysanthemum (extract), BG, fragrance

Manufacturer: BRAIN COSMOS

Country of origin: Japan

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