BIOCYTE Multi Vitamins Liposomal (វីតាមីន) - 60capsules

  • MULTIVIT LIPOSOMAL is the first food supplement bringing together 12 vitamins and 8 minerals in liposomal form to strengthen the body.
  • Overwork, lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet lead to fatigue and insufficient vitamin intake.

  • These physiological and nutritional imbalances which we do not pay attention to can lead to symptoms like muscle weakness and feeling tired. 

  • MULTIVIT LIPOSOMAL, the first microencapsulated vitamin and mineral complex

  • Biocyte, with its experience in the mastery of micro-encapsulation, offers a multi-vitamin and liposomal mineral complex.

  • This technology helps protect the nutritional qualities and assets up to the intestinal barrier.

  • Thus the assimilation of vitamins and minerals of MULTIVIT LIPOSOMAL is improved

  • We have combined essential vitamins and minerals, all in microencapsulated form, to help you restore your nutritional balance.

How to use

  • 2 capsules per day, during the meal, with a large glass of water.


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