BIOCYTE Collagen Flex (កូឡាជេនជំនួយសុខភាព)​ - 240g

  • Collagen is a protein found in all the structures of the body, such as the tendons, skin and muscles.
  • It provides elasticity within the tissues. 
  • There are 23 types of collagen in total, but as types 1, 2 and 3 are the most abundant within the human body, these are the ones most often found in food supplements.
  • From the age of 25 and in the event of intensive physical activity, collagen synthesis decreases.
  • By the age of 60, the body has lost around a third of its collagen.
  • But as type 2 collagen is the main component of our cartilage, this decrease in production impacts on the structure of the cartilage.
  • We therefore need a collagen supplement.
  • Collagen Flex provides your body with a daily 5g dose of collagen.
  • In addition, the collagen biopeptides found in Collagen Flex have a high level of bioavailability.
  • Bioavailability means the speed at which substances are absorbed by the body.
  • The higher the availability of a substance, the more effective it will be.
  • Collagen Flex also contains harpagophytum extract, renowned for helping keep joints healthy, flexible and mobile. It also contains Vitamin C, an essential nutrient in collagen synthesis.
  • A scientific study has demonstrated the effectiveness of Collagen Flex at a dosage of 5g per day for 12 weeks.

How to use

  • Pour 150 ml of water over 1 rounded measuring spoon 8g and shake until completely dissolved.
  • Take once a day, preferably in the morning.
  • For people with knee pain related to physical activity
  • For people with joint discomfort and stiffness
  • For people with restricted movement
  • For people taking treatments to relieve their joints
  • For people wishing to alleviate pain at rest or during movement and physical activities
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