AMPLE:N Peptide Shot Ampoule - 100ml

  • បំបាត់ស្នាមជ្រីវជ្រួញ & ប្រឆាំងភាពជ្រីវជ្រួញ
  • ធ្វើអោយស្បែកសភ្លឺរលោង
  • ស្បែកមានភាពស្រស់ថ្លាឡើងវិញ
  • រឹតបន្តឹងស្បែកមុខនិងការផលិតកូឡាជែន (collagen) ស្បែក
This ampoule rejuvenates the skin and prevents the appearance of age-related changes. It strengthens and improves the skin tone, helps to smooth wrinkles, increases the firmness and elasticity of tissues. It also provides a pronounced effect of tightening, stimulates the regeneration and production of skin collagen.

  • Formulated with 3 patented peptide compounds to help restore elasticity and a youthful appearance to skin
  • Absorbs quickly to deliver a brightening effect and improve skin texture, leaving skin soft and dewy

How to use:

  • After using toner, apply a proper amount and spread evenly across entire face.
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